Recent semiconductor industry outlook

Singapore Airlines did not provide in-depth prospects for the semiconductor market in the second quarter. However, CEO John Neuffer said: “Continuous macroeconomic turmoil related to the pandemic has brought huge uncertainties to the global semiconductor market, and this uncertainty may Continue in the middle of the month. “

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The organization’s perspective is supported by the second quarter forecast provided by many chip manufacturers, including Xilinx and NXp Semiconductors. Several manufacturers pointed out that COVID-19 may interrupt production and transportation operations in the June quarter, thereby affecting sales. In addition, as coronaviruses weaken consumer demand, electronics manufacturers may significantly cut their parts orders.

A recent forecast released by Digitimes shows that global smartphone shipments will decline by 15% in 2020. As SIA reports that communications chip sales accounted for 33% of semiconductor sales last year, consumer mobile device demand will affect the global component market.

Ideally, the global coronavirus will recover in the second half of 2020 and encourage public spending to recover. Otherwise, by 2021, the semiconductor industry may experience a major market contraction.

TDA7297 is a dual-bridge amplifier specifically designed for TV and portable broadcast applications.

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